Wake Up!

A story that most of us encounter, daily. This ‘manifest’ is about our lives and the conflict we are in every day. Besides the manifest I designed triangles that are the visual output for the manifesto.

Wake up!

‘First thing you do is to take your Smartphone to turn of the alarm. You have an Iphone, produced in China and made with materials that come from conflict countries like Congo where slaves dig out the minerals. You get out of bed and you open up your goose feather blanket to have it get some air after this hot night. Goose feathers that come from goose which are harvested while they are still alive. They are traumatized, mutilated and some of them die in the process. But still it is a fantastic warm blanket.

You take a shower use your usual shampoo, which is tested on animals and often contains palm oil. After the refreshing shower you put on some summer clothing because the weather is great outside. Your favourite clothing that is made in sweatshops by children in Bangladesh. Next up, breakfast! You make some coffee produced in Ethiopia, picked by slaves and sprayed with pesticides. You eat your healthy muesli with yoghurt and honey. Honey you still have to enjoy as more bee colonies are dying each year and yoghurt which comes from big industrial dairy farms. You brush you teeth with pharmaceutically produced toothpaste and you go to your car, which runs on oil.

At work your mailbox is full of messages that you and your government can read with you. You search on the Internet for this book you want to buy and at the same time your internet behaviour is send to companies to make money. For lunch you have a salad with factory farmed chicken. A salad because you feel a bit fat and summer is coming. While on the internet you are seduced to buy more books than you actually need.

At 7 you leave for home and grab some fast food on the way because you are so hungry. Time to relax at home you watch some news, war in Syria, Guantanamo Bay, arctic oil drilling, illegal fishing by Super Trawlers and more camera surveillance by the government.

It is ten o’clock, you turn of the television and think; ‘ There are so many terrible things happening in this world, lets not try to be part of it’