Quantified Reality

Every year the Mediafonds and Sandberg Institute organize a masterclass. A 5 month masterclass where 8 forced marriages are made between designers, film makers, film directors, graphic designers and other creatives related to the subject. This year the subject of the mastersclass was Quantified Reality.

The concept of the design is that every meeting the website changes, this because after every meeting the content grows and the projects become more clear. The text you can read at the center of the page is edited every meeting. The text is interactive, you can see what has been added to to the text, what is new and what is deleted. on the 5th of June 2014 the website was finished and version 1.0 was born.
In the last pages of the website we wanted to use the data mining you can legally do so we added extra information for example, where you are now, what the last page was you visited, your IP-adres, how long you have been on the website, etc