Maagdenhuis occupation

On February 25th 2015 the Maagdenhuis in Amsterdam was occupied by a group of approximately 300 students. They penetrated the building in protest against the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board and questioning the overall democratic nature of the UvA. The occupation was at ended April 11, 2015, by an evacuation of the Riot Police as a result of the outcome of a lawsuit that the UvA filed against the occupiers. The evacuation led to a crisis of confidence between the councils of the University of Amsterdam and its board chairman.

While the occupation was still in full effect, Jonas Staal organized a workshop at the Maagdenhuis to think of design strategies, this is where I joined up with Alberto Valz Gris and we made this banner together to show that the New University was was up and running with workshops, debates and lectures.

An essay written by Jonas Staal about this work