Digital Activism

As a designer and activist I have probed institutions in order to develop methods for collaboration and new action tools between online and offline practices of dissent. Working with activists, hackers, data scientists, and institutions such as Greenpeace and Waag Society. Over the last year I have developed strategies for Digital Activism which have resulted in numerous Hackathons, meetups, collaborations and discussions.

Digital Activism is the latest action I initiated: climbing a ship that is a datapoints in the harbor. The harbor, a place where ships offload their cargo and where all these gigantic datapoints gather. As large and visible these vessels are in the harbour, as small they are on the ocean. The main challenge the past year was related to this problem, How can you trace vessels on open seas and reveal their shady businesses? Using the data ships send and creating new tools we are collaborating to create new solutions in ship tracking for a good cause.